Financing Options

How do I finance my house? Because relatively few of us have the ready cash to buy a house, most people have to raise finance to buy a house. A loan that is secured on the property is called a mortgage.There are many suppliers of mortgage finance, of whom the most common are banks and building societies. Click here to find more about mortgages.

What other costs are there in buying a house?

Apart from the actual purchase price, there are other costs that need to be considered when buying a house

Further Information

Try the MoneyBasics mortgage calculator to obtain an approximate figure of the amount you can afford to borrow and how much your monthly repayments would be.

The FSA website provides tables which compare similar products such as mortgages, loans, ISAs and more from various providers.

For more information about mortgages and regulations, visit Mortgages Laid Bare created by the FSA.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the body which controls surveyors who carry out surveys for property buyers. You can search their web site for a local surveyor at

The Office of Fair Trading is a government body dedicated to protecting consumers’ rights. Their web site has a section devoted to buying or selling a home.
Go to — and look for the item “buying and selling your home”.

The Law Society is the body governing solicitors. On their web site, you can find a solicitor in your locality, and you can also apply for their free guide to buying a home.

EntitledTo provides free calculators to help you work out your entitlement to benefits and tax credits.

The Which? website has an interesting article about mortgages.

Read in-depth articles about mortgages and housing on the BBC website.