You may come to the point where you have to consider care facilities — either in your own home or in a residential home. The Social Services department of your local authority manages the assessment of care needs, and the offers of monetary help.

Care at home

Local authorities can arrange care for you in your own home, or some authorities provide cash payments for you to obtain this care. You must not use it to employ a close relative or your spouse to care for you. You may apply for a discretionary grant from the Independent Living Fund if you:

If any services, such as visits by the district nurse, are arranged by the National Health Service, they are free.

Short breaks

The local authority can arrange short breaks (i.e. up to eight weeks) in a residential or nursing home, for which you will be charged. However, if the National Health Service arranges it, it will be free. Other benefits may be affected, depending on how long the break lasts.

Residential or nursing home care

The local authority may arrange for you to go into a private or voluntary home, or into a home run by the authority. If you have over £16,000 savings, you must meet the full fees, until your savings fall to £16,000 or less. Otherwise, you may apply for financial support from the local authority or Income Support.

Further information

The pension service which is part of the Department for Work and Pensions provides more information about pensions

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