Here is a question to get people thinking about why a budget is so important. A family of four book a week’s apartment holiday in Spain for £1000. How much do they need to budget?


We’ve all made the mistake of paying the balance for a holiday and thinking, “Hurrah, that’s my holiday paid for!” But what about the hidden costs of a break in the sun?

Holiday £1,000
Travel insurance £40
New clothes £60
Sun lotion £20
Parking at airport £50
Petrol to/ from the airport £20
Kennels £60
Lunch at airport £30
Spending money £30 / day £210
Food / meals out £30 / day £210
Presents £50
Excursions £100
Total £1,850

The figures are only approximate but illustrate the point that things often work out more than our initial thinking. Many of these costs are fairly conservative given that it is a family of four.

Further information

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