Entryphone systems provide a line of communication between someone in the building and someone wishing to enter.

This can be with or without video and for people to be buzzed in or let in or a combination of these.

Video is a good option to have as you can see who is at the door and see if they have ID.

Without the video, you can’t be sure the person on the other end is who they say they are. Find an Entryphone System Installer.

If people are buzzed in, they are free to enter and make their way to where they need to go but simply being alerted to let you know someone has arrived gives you the chance to physically unlock the door for them and bring them where they need to go.

What are the advantages of an Entryphone System?

Security is an important aspect for a lot of businesses.

It ensures the protection of staff, customers and clients and allows your employees to work, knowing that they aren’t in any immediate danger. Read how.

Opting to install a video door entry system is a fantastic way to provide a high-level form of security for employees. Benefits include:

  • Monitoring people entering and leaving the building.
  • Deters unauthorised personnel from trying to access your office.
  • Collects evidence for potential criminals breaking in.

 This system can be combined with access cards so employees don’t have to keep using it to get in but otherwise, it saves on the cost of creating cards for people and ensures people don’t have cards that can be hacked into.